Home Exchange Step-by-Step

Sign up to BeLocal website using Facebook/Google+ or choosing name and password.

Fill out your profile.
Description of your home and yourself and upload photos of your home. Photos are the first thing people look at in a profile. Good photos make all the difference and can help you arrange an exchange to your dream destination. Introduce yourself and your family to our members. Choose your preferred destinations and dates. To receive more offers, choose Open to Offers.

Other members will see your home when they search our database, and you will receive proposals from different parts of the world. For your safety, your personal data (phone number, email, address, and full name) are hidden until you agree on an exchange and authorize us to share your data with another member.

In Type of Exchange, select Simultaneous, Non-simultaneous, BL Points, or Rent. You may choose all that apply.

Simultaneous Exchange is when both members exchange during the same period of time. It is the easiest and most common home exchanging type.

Non-simultaneous Exchange is when members exchange during different periods of time (different travel dates). This is usually for members who can stay with a relative or friend to make their home available, and it is ideal for members who have a second home.

BL Points It is an excellent option for those who can make their home available at any time to collect points and use them in exchanges with other members who also accept exchanges for points.

Rent We allow our members to rent their homes through BeLocal if they want, as long as they have already paid their annual fee. However, we are not a vacation rental website and all financial translations must be agreed upon directly between the rental parties. We do not collect a commission on any rental transactions and take no responsibility for rental payments.

Start to search for an exchange home at Search by destination
if you already know where you would like to go or Search By category to look for inspiration according to your preference such as Beach, City, Mountain, Off the Beaten Track, Gourmet, Bring the Kids, Surf, Ski, Diving, etc. You can also do a reverse search and only search for people who want to visit your destination in "Show only people interested in visiting:" Search results will only show people who have selected your home, city, or country as a preferred destination.

When you find a member you would like to contact, from their profile page, click on Send Message:

(1) You will be sending to the Conversation with page, clique on Send New Message. You will see a popup where you can choose your home, the home you are sending a message (select carefully as some members have more than one home. Type your message or use our canned message and the user will receive the following email: Hello, Would you like to exchange with us? Please visit our profile to see our home. We would love to discuss an exchange with you. Thank you

(2) You can also save your own customized personal message that introduces you and your family and explains your vacation plans, with specific dates, etc. This will allow you to reuse your customized message to contact several members. Just save your personal message, clicking on Save Message as Default and next time you want to send a message click on Use Default Message and adapt it to the person you will be sending it this time. Easy and faster!

You can send as many emails as you want through BeLocal. Save a message so you can reuse messages already sent and won´t need to waste time retyping.

All messages sent and received by you will be archived in your BL inbox and also sent to a registered email in your profile. In your message area, you can save and delete your messages.

You can do your security verification at any time at your profile page. This will help build trust within our community.

If you receive an invitation from other clients for a date in which you can travel, non-simultaneous exchanges can be a good option.

When you decide you are ready for an exchange, click on Pre-approve in the message page. After both parties pre-approve an exchange, you will be contacted by belocal staff for security check and signing your exchange agrément.

You will receive an email where you can fill all the exchange agreement details, such as dates, number of guests, arrival and departure time, house rules and special requests, etc. Read carefully all the details and click on Sign agreement.

After payment, you will receive an email with a copy of the agreement and all the contact information from your partner and his full address. Please contact your exchange partner directly, by phone, skype, message or email to arrange directly all the final details of your trip.