Save up to 50% with home exchanging

First Brazilian home exchange website for vacations, model that helps reduce up to 50% of the cost of travel

Developed by Brazilians, BeLocal Exchange was launched in October 2016 and promotes an idea that will better the vacations and holidays of many Brazilians: as one family goes, the other comes.

More space and comfort than a hotel room

We know that the atmosphere of a house is much more welcoming and cool to relax. So forget the grip of the hotel room. And we guarantee that, in addition to gaining more space and comfort, home exchange allows saving up to 50% on the cost of your trip. Have you thought about what you can do and how much fun you can have with more money in your pocket?

Founder of BeLocal: 14 home exchanges!

Foto da Andrea, fundadora do site BeLocal Exchange
Andrea Aguiar, a translator from Rio, had the idea of launching BeLocal, she, who has already exchanges homes 14 times in ten years. That’s right. Write that down: 14 exchanges. Andrea has talked about her exchange experience in several articles published in the press. In this one, published in the DP, she says that she made all the exchanges abroad. The first time, in 2007, Andrea and her family went to San Diego, California. Then there were exchanges of houses in cities like New York, Paris, London and Cape Town in South Africa. And she also had her 40 days in Australia. And Andrea wanted to travel even more abroad and also here in Brazil.

Embark on that idea and enjoy it even more!

Now you know a little of BeLocal’s history. So, welcome to our blog. We will make this a spot for you to have tips on tours and destinations. And we’ll show you how home exchange works. Because we really want you to increase the mileage of your trips and enjoy a relaxing vacation, having fun and saving money.