Travel more, and spend less!

Sign up for the first Brazilian home exchange platform. Travel around Brazil, South America and the world with comfort, economy and safety

With BeLocal you will travel at your pace and interact with your favorite destinations. Our desire is that you discover new places, create your own route and live like a local. We are the first fully Brazilian home exchange site. From now on holidays and vacations will be on our target.

BeLocal Exchange is a platform developed by Brazilians and it focuses  on stimulating the exchange of houses between Brazilians and the hermanos of Latin America. We also want to open doors for tourists from North America and Europe: for more than 50 years, they have traveled the world with house exchange. For them, the name is home exchange.

Remember the movie “The Holiday”? which shows the home exchange between the characters of Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet? It is exactly how we work.

So embark on this idea to start exchanging your house too. BeLocal is made up of people just like you. It’s people who travel. It’s people who live. It’s people who do. Have a good trip!