Travel safely and inexpensively

BeLocal Exchange has a secure system for you to create a home exchange network and make the destinations even more enjoyable

In a world where we share experiences and moments, ambitions and goals, especially through social networks, why not share our home and enjoy a unique trip?

One aspect that usually worries associates when they hear about home exchange in tourism is safety, especially if the trip is done with the whole family. The main doubts are usually related to the profile of the people who will stay in your house and the conditions of the house in which they will be staying in during his vacation.

How can we ensure safety?

Belocal Exchange proposes a secure system, which is based on trust, mutual respect and the desire for adventure. Here, hundreds of travelers from around the world can agree on one thing in common: the desire to know every corner of the globe by opening the doors of their home to people from different countries and cultures.

The process is simple, but very thought out. Each registered user must provide their photo, real and alone, with their family or travel group. You should also upload images of the property that you want to exchange by season so that the other members of the network can contact you, see the features and amenities that the property offers, and other important details such as location. The main thing is that BeLocal does not share the exact address. On the map that appears in the individual profile, you can see the area and region where the property is located. The location is approximate.

The BeLocal platform allows members to exchange messages, talk and examine travel possibilities. Personal data is not visible until the exchange is successful. Users do not have access to home address, full name, or other information as long as the agreement has not been finalized. Throughout the process, the BeLocal team provides support for the exchange to take place.

And we have more security filters.

To increase reliability, BeLocal uses Traity’s technology, a system that verifies the identity of each user from the triangulation of data, analyzing semantically comments of sites, their profiles in social networks and other data available on the web, making it possible to correlate users’ habits and interests. In this way, it allows members to have the profile of those who have a good track record online. Traity uses algorithms designed to detect fake profiles. Thus, our platform is responsible for verifying the authenticity of key data, such as e-mail, contact number and passport number, to filter fraudulent individuals.

Remember that you will always have the option to refuse an exchange offer.

We believe that exchanges are possible and good to be made. When they happen, they reveal that on the other side of the computer is no longer a stranger, but a partner who will become your best ally for your next vacation. This partner will trust their home to you, and you will entrust your home to him. Both will no longer have to worry about reservations, small and busy lunchtimes, maids knocking on your doorsteps and on tipping the receptionists.