Our list to organize your home

It’s time to check how to organize your home. Check our list to see if everything is ok and to put the environment in the best mood

You sign up on the BeLocal website, register your house, fill in the requested information and upload many pictures, then you go see the options available for exchange. Then you start talking and exchanging messages to get closer to the person who is on the other side of the screen, which is normal, because the network is collaborative and made up of people with similar interests.

When you close an exchange it may make you anxious, especially if it is the first time you try the system. Can my house be used for exchange? We say: why not?

At BeLocal, you will find homes of all kinds. So take a deep breath and then look around. See if there are environments that can be improved with a special touch. Look at your home and imagine guests in it.  If you think you can better organize an environment, or you want to put an object that makes a corner more charming, go ahead. You will have time for this before you close the exchange and embark on your way to vacation.

Well-folded and organized towels on the bed produce a great effect

In home exchange, kindness is essencial. That’s how the saying goes: kindness generates kindness. So, treat your guests with whimsy and attention. Your home does not need to be large or luxurious, but it has to be a cozy environment for guests to enjoy. Please be kind, pamper them. This way you can be sure that you will always have new destinations and good memories of your exchanges.

In order for you to better organize your home for an exchange, we have prepared a list for you. Before you leave, check if there are enough products and if anything still needs to be bought.

See how associates from several cities in Brazil sought practical solutions, invested in details and created unique spaces.

Verification List


  • Observe if the general cleaning of the property is good;
  • Replace burned bulbs around the house and garden;
  • Check that the door keys are working properly;
  • Organize and leave cleaning supplies: disinfectant, cloths, new dishwashing sponges, toilet paper, soap, steel sponge, garbage bags for kitchen and bathroom, multipurpose cleaners;
  • Pool, when available, leave it clean with the pumps running and extra cleaning material (chlorine, algicides, etc.);
  • Make sure the plants are well maintained.

Well cared for plants make a difference at Dani’s house, in Rio


  • Plates, cutlery and glasses clean and make sure there are enough for the number of guests;
  • Complete set of cookware, serving set and cooking spoons / knives;
  • Working electrical equipment, especially oven/stove and refrigerator;
  • Clean and fill up the drinking water filter;
  • Clean and organize the closet and pantry;
  • Freshly cleanTrash removed.Lixo retirado.

Living Room

  • Working electrical equipment, especially TV and stereo;
  • Fans and / or air conditioning in good condition.

Leandro’s room, in Búzios, in Rio: everything in order and in the right place


  • Bed linen recently washed and in sufficient quantity
  • Mattresses in good condition
  • Air conditioning and / or fans working

Lamps and cushions: beautiful environment in Pati’s room, our associate who lives in Bahia


  • Towels washed and sufficient quantity
  • Toilet paper (at least one roll per bathroom)
  • New soap for bathing and hands (recommended)
  • Showers working perfectly

Patrícia used purple to give that touch in the bathroom of her home in Cuiabá