Mine, yours, our way of traveling

Based on the collaborative saving of money, home exchange is more than saving on lodging: it’s a style of tourism that involves trust

You know that phrase that your mother used to say: “A friend is worth more than money in a bank”? Today, many more people believe that investing in “fraternal capital” can yield experiences, generate joy, multiply trust, and affect future generations. Home exchange is this! An opportunity to save money, bring more quality to your trips, and increase your fraternal capital. But that’s not it.

Collaborative saving of money is a concept that emerged and tainted the networks with force at the beginning of this century. It is a way of having services and products, but without paying for them, in a non-permanent way. Whether by loan, exchange, gift or rent. And it is present in the mission and values of BeLocal Exchange and many who believe that creating bonds is half the fun of home exchange. More than saving on hotel stays, opening your home to an associate in our club also helps preserve the environment, strengthen new bonds, and build trust between people.

It is, in short, a lifestyle. And it is contagious. Find out some advantages of this model that is changing the world:

● Save on lodging

Moedas empilhadas sobre uma folha de papel com canetas ao lado.

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You realize you have many hours of overtime. So enjoy the holiday to rest without having to worry about hotels and crowded hostels. House exchange allows you to get much more comfort and enjoy your weekend and holiday much more.

Prevent the house from being idle while you are traveling viajando

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Imagine a whole month away, the house alone. Occupy this space, letting the sun and air is good. Especially if it’s with someone who wants to stay exactly where you live. Ah, a busy house makes the place much safer.

Encourage meetings with travelers

Duas mulheres viajando e abraçadas, em frente à Golden Gate, na Califórnia

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Making friends is an art. Sharing experiences bring people together. Many of our members share interests with you. These exchanges will create new friendship bonds. It’s a network, it’s a club, it’s what you want it to be.