Collaborative Saving on Your Vacation

Understand how the money saving that is revolutionizing the way the world works and is one of the best ideas to ensure the sustainability of the planet

Mãos diferentes unidas
The concept of collaborative consumption became popular in 2010 with the publication of the book What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption, which exposes the possibility of having access to goods and services without necessarily being their owners. Time magazine puts this trend as one of the ten greatest ideas that will change the world. This is because many people have come to experience things they cannot have, with great satisfaction, even if for just a short period of time.

Cohousing, collaborative work, shared bike systems and shared cars, exchanging clothes, entertainment (movies, CDs) and even knowledge are some of the ideas that are revolutionizing the world. And that’s where Belocal comes in. The exchange of houses is in!

Home exchange offers many advantages!

Sala de estar com sofá, poltrona e estante ao fundo.
The house-to-house method is a cheap alternative to go on a trip for a few days, a different way of traveling and an excellent choice for groups such as retirees, who are available to travel all year round. You will have free hosting in Latin America or anywhere else in the world saving you thousands of dollars.

It is therefore a question of using the advantages of collaborative savings in our favor. This way, you can immediately eliminate the cost of lodging and include spending on entertainment and shopping. Not to mention, that many exchanges also include the vehicle, which will also allow you to save with transportation.

And why not? Maybe you can turn annual vacations into several trips throughout the year, and meet different national and international destinations.

Destinations beyond Latin America

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On our platform, you will find travelers willing to share their homes in cities of Latin America, Europe and China. Once you establish contact between the parties, you will discover the close relationship that arises between people who until now were completely unknown.

With the trust and respect that underlies this relationship, each traveler should take responsibility for taking care of each other’s home as if it were his own. However, the human side will cause deeper bonds to emerge.

Our associates: your best agents

Have you seen the movie The Holiday, with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet? If you are about to make your first exchange and have not seen it yet, do so. And if you have seen it, you should know that you may not meet the love of your life through the exchange, or maybe you will, but what is certain is that you will find someone with similar interests who will become the best travel agent for your next vacation.