4 dicas para tirar boas fotos de sua casa

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Good photos on profiles at BeLocal Home Exchange

Sometimes in our “chat” the questions: “How do I get good pictures? Then what do I do with them? “ will pop up. Yes, many associates do not always feel comfortable taking photos of their home. And they say, “My house is not very tidy”; “It’s hard work loading the photos to the computer …”; “Am I still going to have to load it on the site?” But realize that photos are key to attracting the interest of other members, inspiring confidence, and helping you make your home exchange much safer by choice. So we decided to help make things much easier.

Don’t worry about taking perfect photos. But be sure to make them look good. Remember that you can change them whenever you want. It is important that you take pictures in various environments. Try to show how your home is. Then just send the pictures to one of our contacts. It can be by cell phone or by email. What matters is, if you are having any difficulty, send us the pictures.

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E-mail: [email protected]

Remember to send us your name or e-mail registered on the site. And don’t worry about the rest, the BeLocal team will load the images on the platform for you. So, check out the tips that will make your home even more beautiful in the pictures.

Tips for taking good photos

1. Choose the best angle

Good photos on profiles at BeLocal Home Exchange
A good tip for shooting indoor environments is to position yourself in the corners. This way, it is easier to get all the space in a frame, and this gives a greater amplitude of the place.

2. Lighting

How about taking advantage of natural light? If you build your photo’s scenery near a window or open door, you will be able to use more natural light. To compensate for the lack of natural light, turn on the lights in the room, such as a luminaire. The result will look beautiful.

3. Clean up the mess

Cama com criado mudo ao lado, com uma planta e um livro em cima, organizados.
Do you think time is short for that perfect tidy up? It doesn’t matter. Take narrower pictures and remove objects that might give you the idea of a mess, such as clothes hanging on the bedroom door or in the bathroom, objects scattered around the room, purses and newspapers on the table. By doing just that, you will already give a much more organized appearance to your home.

4. Do not forget photos of your city

Good photos on profiles at BeLocal Home Exchange
Photos of the city and the surrounding area are great options for attracting interest from other members. Do a Google search and you will find lots of photos of where you live. If you want help with your city profile, write to us.

And finally, kindness generates kindness

Good photos on profiles at BeLocal Home Exchange
Your home doesn’t need to be large or luxurious. The most important thing is to receive guests with whims and attention. Do something kind, prepare your house with care. This way you can be sure that you will always have new destinations and good memories of your exchanges.

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