5 tips to make your guest feel at home

Organize your home to receive guests and leave instructions. See more tips on how to make your guest comfortable

Homem sentado no alto de uma montanha vendo a paisagem montanhosa

To know the life of someone who lives on the other side of the world. Or here. Staying there for weeks. Or just a weekend. Traveling in high season. Wandering and losing sight of time in the off-season. Adventure has always been a part of human nature. And collaborative tourism is more than all of this: it’s a way of being in the world.

This inventive way of traveling began in the United States in the 1950s. Much later, the internet and social networks gave the little push that was needed to popularize it. More and more, home exchange sites are becoming more specialized. We all win by expanding these possibilities. And this was how she realized that there was a gap in the market: not only the houses in Brazil, but in all of Latin America. And that’s where we come in with our creative vein. We want to privilege these destinations, but without forgetting, that the world is huge and sailing is necessary!

To join this network of sharing houses it is necessary to be aware of sustainability, detachment, a little organization (we will help with this with tips on our Facebook page and articles on BeLocal Blog) and willingness to … travel.

Learn some tips on how to share your home and make your guest feel more comfortable.

1. Think about how you would like to be received

Sala de estar arrumada

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Think like a guest. A clean, tidy and functional home is your business card. They make a good impression and give good ratings.

2. Receive your guest with pampering

Vasos de planta sobre a mesa com xícaras de café

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Leave an arrangement of flowers or leaves at the entrance of the house, with a note, giving tips on how the garbage collection works, how the heater works. Tour tips are good too.

3. Organize the bedroom

Cama bem arrumada, com lençois dobrados e prontos para uso.

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White bed and bath linens are practical and easy to wash. Leave them on the bed.

4. Leave everything in order 

Lavanderia organizada

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Leave crockery, pots and everyday utensils within reach of the guest. Write clear instructions on how to use equipment. Also do your best cleaning up the laundry room. Leave cleaning supplies accessible for guests to use.

5. Is there parking available for a car in the building

Garagem de prédio com carros e vagas disponíveis

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Tell the guest if the position is marked or not. If so, please give them the exact location. If the garage door is triggered by remote control, leave it visible with instructions at the entrance to the house.

Fill out your application on our website. Go to www.belocalexchange.com. You can quickly search for destinations and homes of our associates and start planning a comfortable and cheap trip!