3 tips to enjoy the neighboring Uruguay

There is beauty and gastronomy, but the country is still little explored by Brazilians. Enjoy the best of Uruguay with home exchange

Its name means “river of colorful birds” in Guarani. Squeezed between Brazil and Argentina, it is one of the smallest countries in the continent. With history to spare, Uruguay is a great destination for you to explore.

Starting with the high quality of life of its 3.3 million inhabitants. The Human Development Index there is classified as high, which puts the country in an advantageous position in a ranking with 188 countries evaluated by the United Nations – ahead of Brazil. Stable social welfare, economy, and democracy have earned it the title of “Switzerland of South America.” It is one of the most liberal countries in the continent: long before all the countries of South America, it was the first to approve divorce; they established the eight-hour working day long ago; it was the second country in the Americas to grant women the right to vote in 1932; it was the first country in Latin America to recognize homoaffective civil union.


The country is close to Rio Grande do Sul. With it, we share an area that extends for 1069 km, from the triple border in the west to the mouth of Arroio Chuí, the extreme south point of Brazil. This neighboring country has little explored landscapes; rich cuisine and kindness to spare. And good food too. Oh, of course, something else that’s important: there are more than 20 houses available for exchange. So how about living in Uruguay as a local resident? Enjoy the 2017 holidays that are coming and send a proposal to our associates.

How can you enjoy your trip even more? Simple. See our 4 tips to enjoy the best of Uruguay.

1. Coast full of beach resorts

The ballads of Punta del Este, the sophistication of the old fishing village of José Inácio, the charm of Punta del Diablo. Each beach resort has its own style and in each one, you will find beautiful surroundings, simple restaurants or sophisticated ones and stores with unique craftsmanship.

Banhistas em praia do Uruguai

Imagem: Vince Alongi / Visualhunt

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2. Montevidéu: culture, gastronomy and history

Cosmopolitan, the capital Montevidéu has a pleasant rhythm, surrounded by parks, beaches and the River da Prata. Do like the locals, go enjoy the Ramblas in the late afternoon. You can walk, fish, have a picnic, drink chimarrão, chat, date, or watch the sunset. On Sundays, Parque Rodo has a very cool handicraft fair. Discover, slowly, Mondevidéu in the calm rhythm of its residents and do not forget to ask your host for tips.

Imagem: Jonas de Carvalho / Visualhunt

3. Perfect Cooking: parrilhadas, dulce de leche and good wines

One of the highlights of any trip to Uruguay happens at a table for coffee lunch or dinner. Yes, to know the country is to experience a gastronomic experience with roasted meats in a unique way, typical sweets such as alfajores and unrivaled dulce de leche. For wine lovers, Uruguay is paradise. According to the Adega website, the country’s sweetest grape is Tannat – which is already produced more there than in its home country, France. And you see, we’re just pointing to the icing on the cake of some of our neighbor’s delights.




Currency: Uruguayan peso (1 USD = 28,40 pesos)
Time zone: The same as in Brasilia
Language: Spanish

Best time to travel: Always

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